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I draw elves with a lot ahead of them. They probably along with a younger male companion or two. :3


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Posted by ppaipurin - 5 days ago

We interrupt this short hiatus for this package that just arrived today.

I introduce to you, the Sexy Radish.


I honestly want to put stockings on it.

Now back to my regularly-scheduled projects~



Posted by ppaipurin - 6 days ago

I will be busy for an entire week because of a project. But no worries, it will just be for around a week. I do need to focus on this opportunity given by my advisor.

Posted by ppaipurin - 9 days ago

I am so sorry about the delay in the newest artwork. I am doing my best to speed things up a little, but I am unable to focus on drawing due to a throbbing toothache that I currently am going through. Because of the storm, dental offices are a little inaccessible, and it was only earlier today that I was able to get some ibuprofen. I do promise to release the artwork as soon as I can.



Posted by ppaipurin - 11 days ago

There is currently a storm where I am from, and a couple couriers decided today is going to be a great day to deliver some things I ordered online. I thought that it was a great time to get some late lunch as well when one of them arrives. When the first one arrived, I went out in a hurry in a thick hoodie and forgot the keys. Okay, great, I will just wait out and call for the landlord.

Except the landlord was currently stranded in a very untimely road trip.

The storm tends to go between strong and weak, and I was stranded outside the building with no key on hand and nobody else to contact. My advisor is currently on a shoot so they are unable to help for now.

An hour passed. Still no sign of anyone ever going out. I was pacing back and forth through the gate, knocking every now and again with some yelling asking for anyone, when finally, a downstairs neighbor peeks out and saw me. I thanked her very much, and I had just decided to head to my unit to get changed.

Thankfully, only my hoodie and pants got soaked. My shirt, for some reason, is bone dry. I do not know what kind of material the hoodie is made of, but it saved me from potential hypothermia. I ate lunch after that like nothing ever happened.

What is the moral of this story, you ask?

Don’t forget your damn keys in the middle of a storm.


Posted by ppaipurin - 2 weeks ago

I am considering on starting commissions once I made about a few more artworks.

Would it be profitable? Hopefully. I am truly looking forward to saving up for a pair of headphones, or better yet, a new PC. Will you believe me that I am using a laptop from 2014 that still runs on Windows 7?

One of these days.


Posted by ppaipurin - 2 weeks ago

I got the vaccination just yesterday and I'm feeling quite off for the entire day now because of the side-effects. On-and-off fevers, body pains, and a headache; all I wanted was to just sleep it off.

I am okay now, I got sent pizza for dinner because I barely ate the entire day.



Posted by ppaipurin - 3 weeks ago

Currently feeling sleepless. I had a loooong walk carrying things from one dwelling to another yesterday and my body has ached tremendously. I wonder what would be a good solution to this?

Other than resting, of course.

New artwork coming up soon!


Posted by ppaipurin - 3 weeks ago

Greetings, my fellow tasteful people.

I am ppaipurin and I love to draw elves. I love them big and thicc, sometimes with a younger male companion on the side. I have drawn quite a few during my time, but today I was convinced by my "advisor" that I should finally make an account here as my prowess has evolved throughout the years. I will soon be posting my works and as often as I could. I do have a Twitter account of the same username (here), so if you wish to check my previous artworks, do check it out there and give it a follow if possible!

If you have any more questions regarding my tastes or if you are interested in my services, do tell~